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        Artisan Of Light Image Of The Week.


        I remember hearing a photographer 8 years ago saying he wants the harshest light if he had the choice. I was so confused and intimidated. I would say, ” It is impossible to photograph a bride in the middle of broad day light, why would anyone desire that? In the past 2 years I have redirected my eyes and started to see light the way he spoke of.


        Below are a few questions I challenged myself on.

        Do I have to have the perfect light and weather to create something beautiful?

        Do I have to be on a mountain top with soft light and a model couple?

        The answer to all of the questions is NO. Understanding light is the core foundation as a great wedding photographer. It takes years of experience and exceeding amount of practice to master the understanding of light.


        Can I be creative with authenticity.

        I am Tyler Mackenzie Photography and Jacksonville Florida photographer. The is my “Artisan Of Light” image of the week. Treasury On The Plaza Photographer. The White Room St.Augustine Florida Photographer.

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